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Pension Sharaiman offers all the comfort needed to spend a dream holiday in the Danube Delta - a unique place not only in Europe,
but also by other delta ecosystems in the world, offering guests accommodation and relaxation that follows the architecture
zonal traditional, modern elements with specific combinanand delta area.
Lower City Dunavatul Comune Murighiol
situated in the County. Tulcea, at a distance of 46 km from
Tulcea and 9 km from the village of residence.
Road access is from Tulcea county road DJ22c
up instead. Murighiol, then local road DC9.

Sharaiman Guesthouse is located in the fishing village
Dunavatul the Netherlands - the last point of vehicle access from
Tulcea on the arm of St. George and the main gate in
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.
The main points of interest are the Reserve
Danube Delta Biosphere Lake Razim Halmyris monastery,
Halmyris ancient Roman ruins, archaeological site
Zaporozhian fortress, mouth of the harbor, the beach deserted
Perisor, St. George - at the mouth of the Danube
in the Black Sea

Delta, known as the paradise of birds and fish,
is the newest land in Europe (increase by 40 m
of land each year), the second largest delta in
Europe after the Volga to the third most important
ecological reserves of the 300 natural
Galapagos and the world after the Great Barrier Insulelele
Reef. Delta is appreciated for the great
Biodiversity can meet here over 2440
Insect, 1830 species of trees and plants, 91 species
of mollusks, 11 species of amphibians, 320 species of birds,
44 species of mammals and 133 species of fish.
Many of them were considered unique species
world and nature monuments.
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